Hi everybody! Can you hear me!! This is CMC-18 calling you via cyber highway. Down the memory lane—1st January, 1976. Two hundred and twenty-two bubbling youths, 179 male and 43 Female, in their late teens entered the lush green environment of Chittagong Medical College (CMC), which is lined by some eye-catching evergreen hills. Little did anybody ever conceive or imagine that a new batch has just entered who will take on the medical campus by storm (no! no!! its neither AIYLA nor SIDOR).They have come to end the set standard of medical students—study, study and more study. Immediate impact was felt in all strata—classroom environment, hostel life, common room “hoi hulla”, playing field onslaught, cultural and religious festivities. Medical College environment suddenly turned from a serene, sublime, business as usual mode to that of flurry of programs, games and sports, cultural presentations, etc. Student politics (not politics but for student’s welfare), during this batch’s time in CMC, with its ups and downs, took a revolutionary turn for the betterment of the medical student community. Lots of visible infrastructural works and student friendly decisions were taken between 1976 and 1982. This batch was directly or indirectly involved in those developmental activities.

They had their own language of self-booster. It was their “war cry” in any special events – a cry that unites them, a cry that weaves music like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, a cry like the roar of Tarzan in the jungle. This is how it spells—“CHIKTE CHAKTE PATAKTHTHE THTHA”. This cry has now become an icon in every CMC-18 program.

Time and tide waits for no man. Those golden six years suddenly came to an end. Thrown into the wide world of disease, poverty, hunger and malnutrition, CMC-18 members successfully maneuvered their boats from the 20th century to the 21st century. For more than one and a half decade thereafter, they are still carrying along with them the success story of their achievements in their respective fields of specialization. They are spread all over the world providing succuor to the sick and the needy. Thus, they are bringing laurels for themselves and their beloved nation.

The story does not end here. They have wisely reared their children to face the challenges of this volatile world. CMC-18 members hope that this handing over the baton to next generation will bring peace and prosperity for all mankind.